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Local Means of Transport in Tanzania

Taking public transport in Tanzania may not as arduous as you might fear; if you choose with some care and forethought. It is better to plan your trip in advance and know how you will travel, when you will travel, by what means, how much you should pay and from where you should depart.By far the easiest means of travel is by air, it is also the most expensive. If you are on a tight budget then to fly from destination to destination within Tanzania is not an option. Buses usually offer the best alternative. The Scandinavia bus company runs a comprehensive network of routes throughout East Africa.

The coaches are luxury, safe and reliable. There are cheaper bus alternatives, however, they are notoriously unsafe and should be avoided.Trains are not usually an option at all. However, the TAZARA rail link between Dar es Salaam and Kapiri Mposhi is reliable with the journey taking about 48 hours. The journey is breath taking and passes through parts of the Selous game reserve and parts of Tanzania where there are no roads; if you have chance then this rail journey is worth taking. It gets booked up well in advance and it is always advisable to book well ahead of time ? at holiday times it is essential to book in advance to avoid disappointments and long delays.

To travel first class is also the best option for tourists. Apart from the great scenery and game viewing opportunities this trip offers it is also a fantastic way to meet and talk with Tanzanians.Travel within the cities is best done by taxis which are relatively cheap in Tanzania. For the more adventurous the local transport is on mini-buses called the daladala or in Arusha they are called the Kifordi.

These are a very cheap way to travel, they are also un-roadworthy, overcrowded, unsafe and a workplace for the pickpocket; they are best avoided.Ferries from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar are safe, reliable and fast. However ferries on Lake Victoria are best left alone.

There have been many tragic accidents and if at all possible do not go near a ferry on this lake.

.For more information see and also timetables and prices are available on http://www. - support responsible tourism and change lives.

By: Ian Williamson

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