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Discover the Value of an Orlando Dinner Show

If you are staying in Orlando for an extended period of time, you are most likely planning on taking a day off from the theme parks. You can easily wind up walking five miles a day at most of the parks! Some families like to take a day off to experience resort amenities, do some shopping in and around Orlando, and enjoy a nice family dinner. Luckily, Orlando offers three major dinner shows that prove to be tremendous values for families interested in a lively feast.What can I expect?.Dinner shows in Orlando are quite unique. Though they were not invented here, they sure seem to have been perfected in Orlando.

Unlike the majority of dinner shows around the country, these shows are permanent and don't change depending on the season. Audience participation is encouraged; do not be afraid to get vocal!.Where to go?.Depending on the makeup of your party, you will want to take each venue's theme into consideration in making your decision.Arabian Nights This family-oriented dinner show features a cast of over fifty beautiful horses in an indoor 25-act equestrian show. Voted #1 dinner show time and time again, Arabian Nights has created its own niche as a truly unique venue.

Some past awards include: 2001 Best Romantic Restaurant, 1999 Golden Palm Award, 1999 Florida Living Magazine, 1995 Odyssey Award, Best Dinner Show, and more. Reservations are required.Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament This dinner show transports guests back to the medieval era. While guests enjoy a multi-course feast, eaten without utensils, a cast of 100 knights on horseback participate in an interactive show that kids and teens in particular will enjoy. The show includes a lighthearted storyline complete with authentic jousting matches, and hand-to-hand combat.

Reservations are required.Pirates Dinner Adventure This Broadway-quality show is presented on an enormous, fully-rigged pirate's ship. The elaborate set provides the backdrop for action, romance, and comedy; all of this while you dine on authentic Caribbean cuisine.

Relive the time of swashbuckling pirates on the rough seas!.A superior value.If you have the time, it is highly recommended you experience at least one of these shows.

You would spend an average of $15-$20 per person at a decent restaurant anyway, for a comparable amount; why not immerse yourself in a total nighttime entertainment experience?.

.Jose M. Negron has been a resident of Orlando, FL for the past 17 years and is a copywriter and web programmer for Affordable Travel, LLC and http://www.orlandovacation.

com Feel free to visit to read more articles by this author or contact him directly:

By: Jose Negron

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